SEK X-Treme Wide Joint Polysweep | Platinum

$68.00 / bag

One Sand Does It All. 

Residential & Commercial Applications. Driveways, Walkways, Patios, Pool Decks & Concrete Overlays. Concrete & Clay Pavers • Natural Stone • Cast Stone • Porcelain Tile

X-Treme Wide Joint PolySweep is a blend of native sands conforming to the ASTM C-144 standard, and polymer binders that once activated allow the joints to expand and contract with the elements such as extreme heat/cold and freeze/thaw cycles. Specially formulated with Clear Set Technology® which uses the highest quality, clearest synthetic polymers, PolySweep will not discolor the surface or leave behind a haze.

X-Treme Wide Joint PolySweep is specially formulated for joints ranging from 1/8” up to 4″.  For best performance, install X-Treme Wide Joint PolySweep with a minimum depth of 1.5”.

PolySweep prevents sand erosion from the pavement joints caused by rain and other water run-off, deters weed growth and insect infestation plus reduces overall pavement maintenance. Designed to expand and contract during freeze/thaw cycles and remain flexible to resist cracking.

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