Yes, we are open year round.  Our hours of operation do change to winter hours at the end of the season. 

March – October: Monday thru Friday 8 am to 5 pm, Saturday 8 am to 2 pm (starting March 16, 2024)
November – February (Winter Hours): Monday thru Friday 8 am to 4 pm.  

We are here to load you anytime during our open business hours.
We do have a loader for bulk material. Please head over to the office first to have your vehicle and/or trailer weighed and to advise us of the particular product and amount needed. Once we load your materials at the yard, you will then return to the office for a final weigh in and to complete your purchase. If you are wanting a small amount of product that is sold by weight, feel free to personally load those smaller quantities into buckets or any small container that you would like. Our small scale will be used to weigh the buckets/containers.
Please back in beside the product needing to be loaded.
You are welcome to schedule a delivery over the phone. Regarding payment, we accept credit cards over the phone or you may pay by check or cash upon arrival.

We have a tiered pricing system in place for deliveries. Click HERE for our delivery flyer which outlines the pricing.

You are welcome to pay cash or check upon delivery, or you may pay via credit card over the phone.

We do our best to get you on the books the next business day, but it may take up to 48 hours. During our busy season, weekends tend to fill up quickly.

We focus our attention on selling and delivering quality products. If you would like a referral of different landscapers, please feel free to come in and look through our customers’ business cards or we can email you a list.

Yes, we have several options available to accommodate more than one material in a single delivery. A gate can be used to split our tandem-axle dump truck into two sections, thus allowing 6 yards/4 tons of one product to be placed in the front and 4 yards/3 tons of another product to be placed in the back. We also have bullseye bins that can each carry 2 tons of bulk material/3 yards of mulch. Five of these bins will fit on our flat bed truck for a single delivery. We also sell bulk bags that each hold 1 ton/1 yard for an additional fee of $25 per bag. 

We recommend using 4″ – 8″ of AB3 or 3/4″ washed gravel topped with 1″ or less of a bedding agent.
A cubic yard is 27 cubic feet (3 x 3 x 3 pile). Different products have different conversions to adjust from yardage to tonnage. A lot of our product is sold by weight, so feel free to call and we can help you figure how much product is needed for your project.
Our pallets normally hold 1 1/2 to 2 ton of material.

To help deter weed growth beneath, we recommend mulching 3 to 4 inches deep. It can be beneficial to rake or gently fluff mulch after several months, especially if it has caked. This will help air and water penetrate more easily into the soil and will give your mulch a freshened up look.

Our sod is fresh-cut for each custom order, so you will need to place your order by 2 pm the day before desired pick up. You may pick up the following day any time after 9 am. We sometimes have extra sod on hand, but please call ahead to ensure we do have the amount of sod you need.

All weighted bulk products may be purchased in as small or as large of quantities as needed. Although pricing is noted in tonnage on our price guide, the cost is prorated down to the pound.

For palleted items, we have a ‘pick’ aisle set up for our customers to hand pick the items of their choosing. Bringing buckets to load bulk product is also an option.

Items not available in smaller quantities are our bulk mulch and compost, which are only sold by the full cubic yard.

There are 2000 pounds in a ton.

We recommend a 5-step process that is implemented throughout the year. Click here for detailed information. *Please note, this program can be modified to a 3-step program depending on what your lawn is needing.

A cubic yard of mulch equals 13.5 bags (2 cu yd) bags.

We will be happy to assist you over the phone if you have dimensions of your area. We do not do any kind of installation and we do not have a big enough crew to be able to come to your location to take measurements. If you will figure out the length, width, and depth of the area you are trying to cover as well as what product you are wanting, we can assist you in figuring out quantities. If you need help figuring out which product or what depth is appropriate for the job at hand, we will do our best to provide useful information to help make the proper determination.
We have a 1 yard bucket.
Trailers should have a plate or sticker on them that will list the VIN, as well as the weight rating of the axle. If you are unable to find that sticker, we will do our best to carefully load you with a smaller amount and see how your truck/trailer sits to determine if you would like us to place more on, or go with the quantity loaded.
We do our best to get you out of here in a timely manner. It tends to get extremely busy on our open Saturdays, but once again we try and get you loaded as quickly as we can with safety being our number one priority.

With the facility updates completed in 2022, we now have a true drive-thru system. Thus, you are welcome to pull onto the scale for any type of purchase. Our customer service agents will gladly assist you while you stay in the safety of your vehicle. 

We do not accept any kind of yard waste/removal items. We recommend you check with the city for their hours of operation and the types of items they accept.
We have a pulverized topsoil that has been sent through a 1/2″ screener which will make it easy to work with for grading purposes. We also carry a planting mix which has compost and a little sand added to it that will also work for grading.

We keep our pulverized topsoil, our planting mix, and our compost under cover to keep it dry.