Pick Up

Load Up or Pick Up

When you’re outfitted to pick up materials in your own trusty vehicle, Pine can lend a hand. Our wheel loader can dump whatever product you desire into your truck or trailer. Need smaller quantities? Bring a shovel, or borrow one of ours...fill your buckets or try out one of our tote bags. Hand-picking can be half the fun!


Picking up weighted products

Any type of product other than mulch, sod, compost, or manufactured block requires a bit of legwork. Here’s how to get it done:

  • Stop on the scale in front of our office so we can weigh your vehicle

  • Tell us what you are planning to purchase, either via the scale's speaker system or by pulling off the scale and coming inside

  • Drive over to the supply yard and have our loader operator get you outfitted with what you need

  • Return to the scale so we can capture your full loaded weight

  • Please be courteous and pull forward off the scale prior to heading into the office to pay


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Our Bullseye Bins allow us to conveniently place materials at the job site, saving your time and your back.