About Us

About Us

Pine Landscape Center measures materials in yards. 
We also measure success in yards.

Because we’re a family company who takes pride in our accomplishments, we understand that your outdoor project needs are unique to your family. We provide a unique selection of materials at a competitive price point and our friendly, knowledgeable staff is on board to match services and materials to your project with the care we’d give to our own lawns, gardens, and patios.

When you start with Pine Landscape Center, all the right pieces are at hand so you can dig in and accomplish your vision. That means more time for bringing people together to relax and make memories in a beautiful, comfortable setting. That’s what we want for our families, too. And that’s why Pine Landscape Center’s products and services are yards above.

Meet Our Team

Kathy Pine

Managing Owner

Brian Pine

Founding Owner

Rodger Wolfram

Chief Operating Officer

Crystal Truskey, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Hayden Pine

Sales Representative

Ashley Stewart

Partner Services Coordinator

Diane Haist

Creative Media Manager

Courtney Gilbert

Customer Experience Agent

Riley Russell

Team Support Specialist

Cole Clanton

Yard Operations / Deliveries

Blair Bahret

Yard Operations / Deliveries

Kyle Norris

Yard Operations / Deliveries

Michael Ibarra

Yard Operations / Deliveries


Resident Rockhound


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