LARGE FLATS: $6.60 Square Foot
SMALL FLATS: $7.80 Square Foot
HANDIPACK FLATS: $9.00 Square Foot

LARGE CORNERS: $10.20 Linear Foot
SMALL CORNERS:$12.00 Linear Foot
HANDIPACK CORNERS: $13.80 Linear Foot


Eco-Series, the ultimate thin veneer stones designed to fit any project’s budget. This new series is designed to offer all of the benefits and beauty of natural stone in a budget-friendly package.

Eco-Vases Snapped, 1-6″ random heights – soft blues & buff color tones.



DISCLAIMER: At Pine Landscape Center we are able to assist in estimating, but we do not assume ANY responsibility for any inaccuracies resulting from customer measurements.
Customer assumes ALL responsibility for quantities ordered.