Dimensional Cut

Earthworks’ veneer collection is designed to complement any architectural style with our wide selection of marbles, limestones, sandstones, and granites. Our offerings are sourced from our own quarries as well as those from our partners from around the world. The ageless beauty of natural stone is exemplified within all of our collections. Our market expertise allows our team of specialists to guide our customers in choosing the right stones for their application.

  • Splitface: Natural stone that has been broken by a hydraulic splitter to a specific size.
  • Bedface: Natural top or bottom of a layered stone. It’s also known as a natural cleft.
  • Rockface: Created by hand with a chipping tool or machinery. It is chipped around the perimeter to produce a bold, convex projection along its face.
  • Natural Bed: It is the plane of bed/surface on which the sedimentary stone was originally deposited.
  • Thin Bed: Any stone that can be cut into a 1 – 1.5 inch bed depth. It also comes in corners.
  • Full Bed: Any stone sawn or chopped in a 3 – 5 inch depth.
  • Ledgestone: A pattern of stonework utilizing horizontal joints. The pattern is typically made up of individually stacked pieces of stone where the horizontal ledge is more defined than the vertical joints.
  • Drystack: A drystack is a stone wall that is constructed one stone upon another without the use of mortar.
  • Snapped Dimensional: Sawn top and bottom with snapped ends and shaped to dimensions of product specified sizes.
  • Tumbled Dimensional: Machine tumbled to soften edges. Can be sawn or chopped to the dimensions of product specified sizes.
  • Snapped Natural Bed: This refers to the natural breaking of a stone either by hand or machine.
  • Tumbled Natural Bed: The natural breaking of stone either by hand or machine to soften edges.
  • Mosaic / Web Wall: Consists of stones encompassing a wide array of irregular shapes.
  • Rects & Squares: Masonry having a face of square or rectangle stones, either smooth or textured.

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DISCLAIMER: At Pine Landscape Center we are able to assist in estimating, but we do not assume ANY responsibility for any inaccuracies resulting from customer measurements.
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