Earn Pine Backyard Bucks on Retail Purchases in June!
Earn Pine Backyard Bucks on Retail Purchases in June!

Mulch Madness means spring savings! But why lay mulch?

We made it.

Before you can say blimey, winter grey will be out and St. Paddy’s emerald will be in. The beauty and green of spring sat on the bench all winter long. Now they are ready to get back in the game! Longer sunlight hours and warmer temps beg us to get up and off our shamrocks and reacquaint ourselves with the things we love about our yards.

With that in mind, we’re celebrating both the launch of spring and the madness of college basketball with a little madness of our own–Mulch Madness! That means you get 10% off all retail mulch during the month of March!

Why should I mulch?

Much like a fresh coat of paint indoors, well-planned mulch will add instant energy, color and polish to your outdoor space. But, it’s not just a pretty face! This aesthetic bang for your buck is part of the bedrock of critical plant care.

Bare spots and dull colors are annoyances, but they aren’t the primary reason to get busy laying mulch. The instant impact of a manicured space comes in second to the protection and growth benefits mulch provides your greenery.

Mulch benefits your landscape by:

  • Retaining moisture and keeping soil cool
  • Preventing erosion and decreasing water runoff
  • Limiting the amount of water needed
  • Suppressing weed growth
  • Providing nutrients to soil
  • Protecting plants from rapid temperature fluctuations

High-quality mulch ground cover is one of the most nourishing points of care you can provide plants. Whether you plan just a couple flower beds, or a complete landscape redo, mulch is a foundational element of yard architecture.

Chase the mulch rainbow to Pine Landscape

At Pine Landscape, we have mulch in almost every shade to complement your home’s color scheme.

Pine Bark Chips
Pine Bark
Ground Bark

Bagged versus bulk mulch 

If you’re itching to glove up and get started, we recommend skipping the bagged mulch at the box stores. Not all mulch is created equal. Like most things, there are the good, better, and best categories.

At Pine Landscape, we’re not shy about saying that our bulk mulch is the best buy for your landscaping budget. Here’s why.

Pine Landscape bulk is better quality 

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Pine Landscape bulk is better quantity

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There’s no denying bulk gives more quantity than the equivalent amount of bags.

Bagged mulch is filled with contaminants like ash, mold, debris, large clumps, and discolored pieces. It can also contain noxious weed seeds, which undoes all your sweat and labor put into lawn maintenance.

With bulk mulch delivered from Pine Landscape, you’ll get pure, fresh, evenly colored mulch put as close to your job site as possible, making for less shovel time.

Let us help you spruce up your outdoor spaces with the madness and love it deserves. Give us a call to schedule your bulk mulch delivery!