Rock out with low-key maintenance

Time is precious. We love finding new ways to simplify our lives so we can devote more time to doing what we love.

In honor of this principle of simplicity, we’ve rounded up two ways to add low-maintenance beauty to your landscaping. Turn your backyard into a getaway with everything you need for a staycation, playcation, or everydaycation.

Rock the house 

Decorative gravel is a low-maintenance, long-lasting alternative to mulch. Put it anywhere you’d lay mulch: flower beds, around trees, and as a landscape accent. Gravel almost never needs to be replaced, and it inhibits weed and grass growth. Gravel also helps prevent soil erosion by shielding dirt from rain runoff.

Consider using decorative gravel to fill flower beds and landscaped areas to keep your landscaping truly low-maintenance. You won’t have to mow it, but it will still give a manicured effect to your property.

If you’re really hard-core about going low-maintenance, consider creating a rock garden. These hardscapes use rock of various sizes, shapes, and colors to produce visual interest in your yard. To create this look, aim for ordered randomness. Group similar rocks together and nestle them into the soil to make their appearance natural. Connect each stone to its neighbor to achieve a cohesive effect.

Turf it out

Modern artificial turf has advanced well beyond early renditions that appeared in the Brady Bunch’s backyard. Nowadays landscape turf is natural-looking, without the mowing and water needs of a natural surface. It’s ideal for hard to mow areas that still need to look nice, or as a base layer for any landscaped area.

Artificial turf stays green and vibrant year-round, brightening up its area on dreary winter days. Depending on the variety you choose, landscape turf can bring a lush, full look, a closely trimmed effect, and everything in between with all varieties of color, design, and texture.

Though replacing live grass with artificial turf requires a larger initial  investment, the cost pays for itself over the long life of the turf in eliminated irrigation and watering, weeding and feeding, and mowing and maintenance expenses. Plus, you get the benefit and beauty it brings year-round.

We are happy to help you brainstorm ideas to keep your landscaping low-maintenance using decorative rock, artificial grass, and other natural-looking elements!