Get the dirt on dirt

Even though dirt is one of our most valuable resources, it’s easy to treat it, well, like dirt. But healthy, useable soil plays a key role in all successful landscaping and planting ventures. It’s important to have soil that will help meet the specific goals of your project. It can mean the difference between striking pay dirt or having a project that flounders in the dirt.

Soil is a combination of four factors: mineral solids, water, air, and organic matter. A balance of these four elements in soil leads to optimal air exchange and water drainage. That means growing things will grow well, or the new patio will drain properly because it’s got the right foundation.

Make sure you know what your goals are and then decide which type of soil will help you get there.

Compost: With the highest nutrient density of any type of soil, compost makes a great addition to dirt that needs restoration. Compost consists of organic matter like food and yard scraps that has been broken down with heat and time, which makes it rich in vital nutrients like nitrogen and carbon that helps plants thrive.

Pine Landscape’s *Nature’s Finest Compost* is a completely organic compound made of Kansas sourced wood and vegetable waste. Use it by itself for gardening soil, or add it in to revive existing soil.

Planting Mix: Planting mix is a versatile soil for adding nutrients and ensuring proper drainage to landscaped areas, existing planting beds, or raised garden beds. Good planting mix has a soft, crumbly structure that holds well together even when it’s wet.

Pine Landscape’s planting mix is a combination of pulverized Black Gold topsoil, Nature’s Finest Compost, and a touch of sand, which provides drainage and keeps plants in place during windy Kansas days. It’s the perfect mix for healthy, full fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Topsoil: Topsoil is excellent for growing grass and large-scale, general landscaping projects. Topsoil is typically 2-8’’ deep, and like any soil is vulnerable to erosion where water drains.

Pine Landscape’s Pulverized Black Gold Topsoil is locally sourced and ground into a semi-fine texture and screened to remove most clumps. This soil is great for general use purposes, including building up around foundations, seeded lawns, and top-dressing for berms.

We also offer unpulverized dirt, which can contain rocks, sticks, and other debris, but is perfect for filling large holes.

If you’ve got questions we’re happy to dish the dirt about the best soil for your project. Don’t forget about our delivery service, complete with bullseye bins that literally dish the perfect amount of dirt right where you need.

Happy digging!