Unilock Bella Fireplace

Wood Fireplace in Coastal Slate

$13,828.00 Non-Stock


Stacked flagstone has been used for centuries in small garden walls and pillars. Built from the award-winning Rivercrest Wall system, the Bella prebuilt fireplace gives you the character and flexibility of natural stone with the durability, affordability and ease of installation of manufactured concrete. Unilock pre-built fireplaces are available for order and can be installed in a day, so you’re able to enjoy a warm fire right away. The units come complete with a stainless steel firebox, pipe and metal termination cap, and are factory made so the look is consistent with the photo shown.

FOUNDATION – a structural foundation is required in order to support the weight of these units. This consists of a 6″ thick reinforced concrete pad which is supported on 8″ Dia. Sono Tubes (24″ OC.) .going down to the frost line or lower.  The Sono Tubes must be on stable and undisturbed subsoil footing. Consult a qualified concrete mason for detailed information on foundation requirements.

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