WALL: Rivercrest

Available In:
Pillar Unit 20″ x 20″ 114MM
Corner Jumper 114MM
Random Bundle 114MM Jumper Units 1,2,3,&4
Corner Bundle 57MM (Corner Long, Corner Short)
Random Bundle 57MM Standard Units 1,2,3,&4

Coastal Slate


Stacked flagstone has been used for centuries in small garden walls and pillars. With the award-winning Rivercrest Wall system, you get the character and flexibility of natural stone with the durability, affordability and ease of installation of manufactured concrete. The natural appearance of Rivercrest has been achieved by casting hundreds of real stone surfaces using Reala™ Technology, while clever design makes it possible to build straight or curved walls in a variety of radius dimensions, with no cutting required, using the 4-stone random bundle. Stick with the 57mm Standard Units for a pure flagstone look or incorporate 114mm Jumper Units for additional design options. Pillars can be built in a flash using the Rivercrest Rapid Pillar system. Round or square firepits can be custom designed using Rivercrest, or choose a simple-to-construct, Rivercrest firepit kit. Build seat walls, water features, outdoor kitchens or, when combined with geogrid, retaining walls up to 6ft (1.8m).

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