Gator Base

Dimensions at Installation:
23.5 in x 35.5 in = 5.79 sq ft, 3/4 in thick, weight = 1.32 lb each

$22.00 / ea

An evolution in base technology, Gator Base is built to last, has a better load transfer, and provides better freeze and thaw protection.  For use in paver as well as natural stone applications.

Gator Base saves time, labor, and money!
* Save 6 inches of needless excavation
* Save 6 inches of crushed stone
* Save on labor costs
* Save overall installation time
* Increase profit
* For pedestrian use only

DISCLAIMER: At Pine Landscape Center we are able to assist in estimating, but we do not assume ANY responsibility for any inaccuracies resulting from customer measurements.
Customer assumes ALL responsibility for quantities ordered.