The right amount of landscape material every time

There’s a unique frustration that arrives when the end of your project is in sight and you realize the material you have left is not going to spread to the finish line.

It means another trip to the landscape yard. More time tacked onto your project. Setting down your tool and picking it back up.

While we love seeing your faces, we’d rather limit your trips by helping you make sure you have the right amount of material the first time you leave.

Calculating the landscape material your project needs is tricky because it involves multiple factors. You’ll have to decide how thick you want to spread your material. Not every lawn is perfectly square and figuring material needs for oddly shaped spaces can be difficult. Different materials provide cover in varied ways that can be challenging to predict.

We promise we won’t make you go back to geometry class, but having the general dimensions of the space you’re covering is key. Get out the tape measure and write down the length and width of the area. Even a rough measure is better than trying to cover a “normal size” flower bed or a “typical driveway.”

How to crunch the numbers


Calculate: Length (ft) x Width (ft) x Depth (ft) / 27 = cubic yards needed
Cubic Yards Formula: 1 yard = 1.15 ton


Calculate the square footage of the area (Length x Width), then use this chart to determine how many cubic yards you will need based on the desired depth of mulch.

One Cubic Yard Approximate Coverage:
1” Depth = 324 Sq Ft
2” Depth = 162 Sq Ft
3” Depth = 108 Sq Ft
4” Depth = 81 Sq Ft

Construction Gravel

To Figure Aggregates:
Calculate Length x Width x Depth / 27 then multiply by the type of gravel:

1 1/2” = 1.8
AB3 = 1.7
3/4” = 1.6
3/8” = 1.5
1/4” = 1.4
Pea Gravel = 1.4
Sand = 1.35

For more details and options, including decorative gravel coverage, see our retail guide.

Generally, we recommend erring toward a thicker spread of material than trying to stretch out an insufficient amount. Thin layers and bare spots rarely achieve the intended effect.

We love helping our customers limit repeated visits to the yard. If you know the material, general dimensions, and desired depth, we’ll get out our calculator and crunch the numbers for you.

You don’t even have to come into the office, although we love customer interaction. Look over your options, take your measurements, and give us a call. We’ll do the calculations and deliver the exact amount right where you need it with our Bullseye Bins.

You’ll be so relieved to reach the finish line with just enough of what you need without repeated trips to see us!