Delivery/Pick up Procedures

Pick up Procedures

  • If you are picking up product that is not sold by the weight (mulch, sod, compost, or manufactured block), or would like to come in and ask questions, please park in our designated customer parking area located on the east side of the building.
  • If you are picking up product that requires a weight (any other type of rock or soil), please weigh your vehicle, park, and then come in and let us know the product you would like to pick up.  We will direct you where to go, then our loader will meet you at that location and load you with the desired amount.  Don’t forget to come back to weigh again and pay!
  • Our loader can dump/lift product onto lidless pickup truck beds, dump trucks, and trailers only.
  • Vans, cars, SUVS, and other covered vehicles are permitted but must be self-loaded.  Please bring your own shovel, bucket, box, trashcan, or whatever you so desire to fill up with product.  Pine Landscape Center does not guarantee to have such materials on hand.

Delivery Procedures

  • You may call and schedule a delivery over the phone, or in person at our office.  If you choose to call, we recommend that you come out to see the product in person to confirm that it is what you want prior to the delivery.
  • Natural rock can vary slightly per load, so it may not always look exactly like it does on our website, or even exactly what it looked like a month ago.  Pine Landscape Center is not responsible for any variance.  Because of this, if we deliver product to you and you reject the delivery, you will still be charged the delivery fee.
  • If you need help calculating the amount of product necessary to complete your project, please call! We are here to help!  Just remember, our calculations are approximations, so if you want to ensure that you won’t need another delivery we recommend that you order enough for a 10% overage just in case.
  • Majority of the products we sell are not kept in an enclosed area.  Because of this, you can expect the weather elements to have an affect on the weight of the product.  Pine Landscape Center will not offer discounts on wet product.
  • Our delivery drivers will not drive off of hard surfaces.  That way, you don’t have to worry about ruts in your lawn and we don’t have to worry about getting stuck anywhere! If you have any questions or concerns regarding where we can dump your product, please call so we can ensure a smooth delivery beforehand.